Records show how long Orlando officers searched for car in pond

Carline Brumaire-Jean died after car crashed into retention pond near Universal's Royal Pacific resort

ORLANDO, Fla. - Local 6 has obtained records showing exactly how long Orlando police searched for a woman after her car was reported to have driving into a pond.

Carline Brumaire-Jean died after her car crashed into a retention pond near Universal's Royal Pacific resort Feb. 9. However, her car and body were only recovered weeks later. Her family had long questioned the efforts police made that night to find her.

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Local 6 asked Brumaire-Jean's family what they thought about the police efforts that night, and her brother said "it was not enough."

Newly-released records from the dispatch center show three Orlando Police Department officers went looking for the sinking car, and one officer searched the Universal area for about an hour and finally narrowed the search to one pond, but still failed to find her.

"We're on the highway and I saw a car in, that just went in, I didn't see it go in, but it's in like a lake, and there's somebody in the car," said the woman who called 911 to report the car into the pond.

However, the woman who called 911 could only vaguely describe the location of the scene to dispatchers.

"It's by a big hotel that's being built with colors on the windows," she told dispatchers. "The pond is like right in front of it, but there's a car in there and there's definitely somebody in it."

[AUDIO: 911 call]

According to the records obtained by Local 6, one officer spent about 20 minutes searching, another roughly 30, and another officer circled this area for about an hour.

Dispatchers called the 911 caller back, hoping for better directions about a half hour after her initial 911 call. However, none of the officers searching for the car asked to speak with the caller or ask her to come show them the scene.

Orlando's police chief has vowed an internal investigation to look into what happened and why it took weeks to find her body.

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