Records show UCF gunman should have been evicted

UCF housing records detail months of notices

ORLANDO, Fla. - Details emerging about the would-be University of Central Florida gunman show the former student's locks had been changed twice in the effort to evict him from campus.

According to housing records, James Seevakumaran was supposed to have been out of Tower One a full month before he pulled the alarm and almost carried out his plan to kill students.

Students living at the apartments continue to visit counselors to deal with the tragedy that could have made them victims, and some wonder how the 30-year-old former business major had access to the student housing in the first place.  

Seevakumaran dropped-out, failed to pay bills, and was being evicted.

Housing officials changed the locks to Seevakumaran's door twice. His roommates had to open the door for him to let him inside the apartment. It's unclear if Seevakumaran's suitemates were told he was being evicted, but Heston said it is believed they helped him get inside the apartment without a functional key.

"I pretty much figured he was getting kicked off, so I didn't ask him about it," said Arabo Babakhani, Seevakumaran's roommate.

When police finally found the key and got inside his room that morning, they learned Seevakumaran plotted out his murderous plan at least a month beforehand. It coincides with a letter dated Feb. 25 from student housing saying due to an unpaid bill of $7,230, the locks were to be changed for a final time.

University leaders said he was allowed to stay out of a sense of compassion, but they admit he stayed past his welcome.

"Our core approach is to be compassionate. In this instance, it took longer than we wanted to, it took longer than it should, and it's something we're working to correct in the future, absolutely," said Grant Heston, a UCF spokesman.

Police said they do not know if the eviction played a part in his motive.

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