Red Cross vehicles return to Central Fla. after Sandy

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

While parts of the northeast are preparing for a snow storm Friday, Central Florida American Red Cross emergency response vehicles aiding Hurricane Sandy returned home.

The CSX Transportation helped bring the vehicles from New York and New Jersey back to Central Florida.

"CSX got involved because we have employees that live in the northeast, we have customers that are based in the northeast," Bob O'Malley with CSX Transportation said.

CEO of the American Red Cross of Mid Florida, Karen Hagan, said the help was much appreciated.

"It saved fuel, it saved wear and tear," Hagan said. "These are vehicles that are very much dependent upon by communities all across the country."

The damage from Sandy was so devastating that emergency responders from all over the country traveled to help with the cleanup effort.

"We would take meals, hot meals and distribute them through different neighborhoods," said Hagan.

The wheels of ERVs have seen just about everything, accumulating mileage in snow, rain and debris.

Sandy went through the northeast swiftly and left behind chaos, devastation, desperation, but when it seemed like there was a short supply of just about everything, help wasn't one of them.

While they're back, the work is certainly not nearly over, Hagan said. Not only could the vehicles be brought back up to the Northeast after the blizzard, responders continue to help those affected by Sandy.

The feeding still continues. We are still deploying folks up to Superstorm Sandy," Hagan said. "We just sent 3 more people from here Friday, because the recovery work will continue for a long, long time."

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