Reedy Creek firefighters combat rising health insurance

Disney firefighters call for solution to rising healthcare

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - The firefighters at the "Happiest Place on Earth" don't appear to be very happy, as they battle with district leaders on a solution to increasing health insurance.

A number of the Reedy Creek firefighters, whose fire district handles most emergencies, injuries and fire threats at Walt Disney World, filled the room on Friday to debate the future of their insurance.

Previously, the firefighters had hashed out pay and picketing issues.

On Friday, the firefighters also said the hand-picked board isn't treating them fairly.

"Well the ethical fact here is the fact that these people are elected officials via an election but the election is not a true election ... they're given their property by Disney and voted on by Disney," said Tim Stromsnes, Reedy Creek Firefighters Union president.

When Local 6 questioned the district administrator, he said it was the most fair way and believed the right decision would be made.

No ruling has been made as of Friday afternoon. Check back for more information.

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