Remains of missing Osceola County soldier found in North Carolina

Suspect charged with first-degree murder, Fayetteville police say

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. - Just hours after police discovered the body of a missing soldier from Osceola County, her family wanted answers from her accused killer.

Pvt. 1st Class Kelli Bourdeaux's body was found in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she was stationed. For two years police kept tabs on Nicholas Holbert, 27, who now is charged with her murder. Bordeaux's family wants to know why it took him two years to tell them where she was.

"I hate him. I love my sister more than anyone in the world. There's nothing I wouldn't do for Kelli. So for him to take her away from my family, from the world, from so many people that loved her... I really hope he burns," said Bordeaux's sister, Olivia Cox, outside their childhood home in St Cloud.

Cox said investigators told her Holbert confessed, but police have not confirmed that. However, police said he helped lead them to her remains in a deeply-wooded area just 4 miles from where she was last seen -- the Froggy Bottoms bar. Back then, Holbert -- a sex offender -- said he gave Bordeaux a ride home. It's a story her family always doubted.

Chief Harold Medlock, with the Fayetteville Police Department, said, "Mr. Holbert has been a person of interest in this case almost from the beginning."

Despite two years as a person of interest, there wasn't a break in the case -- until now.

"Now that we know where Kelli is, I want to be with her. So I want to bring her home. I want to go there. I want to get her. And I want to bring her home now, because it's been long enough without her," said Cox, who is still unsure when the family will travel from Florida to North Carolina.

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