Repeat burglar caught by neighbors

Albert Surens, 36, once lived in neighborhood

By Sheli Muniz - Reporter

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A burglar was arrested Wednesday after being chased and cornered in an East Orange County neighborhood.

The man had allegedly been hitting homes in the Andover Cay subdivision for a few months. Orange County deputies said they caught him on video doing it. Flyers had since been out around the block to warn neighbors.

"I guess he was a thorn in the neighborhood," said neighbor Mark Barriger. "Everyone was out to capture this guy and try to get justice for the neighborhood."

This week, deputies said that threatening thief was stopped by the neighbors themselves.

Investigators said a homeowner walked in to find 36-year-old Albert Surens Velazquez in their home off Heming Way.

Deputies recognized him as a man who'd been wanted for stealing packages just months earlier.

Barriger took Local 6 through the surveillance video, showing Velazquez on the phone as he allegedly swiped an Amazon package right off his doorstep.

"He just walks up, grabs them, leaves," said Barriger.

"Within 10 minutes of it being delivered, presumably wearing the stolen hoodie that he stole from us a few days ago, using it to cover his face, and he steals the hoodie and shower curtain again," Barriger said a few days later of the replacement package.

Neighbors said Surens wasn't welcomed and now that he is caught, they are relieved that he shouldn't be returning.

Investigators said Surens used to live in the neighborhood just two doors down from one of his victims. A look at his criminal history shows he has been arrested multiple times for thefts and for pretending to be an officer.

Deputies said he confessed to one of the thefts, claiming he needed the money for his little girl.

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