Report: Babies going diaperless

New parenting method called 'Elimination Communication'

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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Parents everywhere probably agree that changing diapers is no fun. But what about letting your baby go without diapers?

It's called "elimination communication"; a method of parenting that is getting a lot of attention. According to the New York Times, it's actually become a huge trend in some hipper parts of New York City.

Basically, infants as young as newborns do not wear diapers. Mothers learn to read their child's sounds and behaviors while they go to the bathroom, and then begin using sounds like "sss" or grunting as the child goes. They are then eventually able to hold the baby over a container, toilet, or whichever designated spot, make the noise, and command the baby to go to the bathroom.

Mothers using the method said they train the babies to go in containers around the house, toilets, or even while outside on a street, or in a park. However, they do note that diapers are used in some circumstances, like at night or when at a restaurant or store, for example.

A New York City Health Department spokeswoman said the issue is not really one of a health hazard, but rather just a sanitation issue.

Some pediatricians are skeptical that children under a year old can actually control their elimination urges, but those using the method have said they have trained infants as young as a couple of weeks old.

The whole experience is said to be a form of attachment parenting, like breast-feeding, that make it an intimate way for parents to get to know their children.

It's also a nod to other countries and cultures that begin potty training at a much younger age than is traditionally done in the United States.

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