Residents react after tornado strikes in Edgewater

Tornado causes damage in Wildwood subdivision

EDGEWATER, Fla. - There were some terrifying moments Friday evening for dozens of people living in the Wildwood subdivision in Edgewater when a tornado touched down.

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"At first it was very calm and nothing, and then it sounded like a train was coming through and it shook everything and your ears were ringing," said resident Holly Woodard.

Woodard's husband saw the storm approaching and called to tell her to get home from Walmart immediately. When she pulled into her driveway with her two children, the power was out, so her garage door wouldn't open, and a huge tree had already fallen, blocking the way to her front door.

"I drove wherever I seen a vehicle to get in," said Woodard. "There was about four or five families in the same house."

Woodard rushed over to a neighbor's house, where she and several others hid in a bathroom together.

"We saw just this big wind come through the back of our yard, so we ran out there to see what was going on and that's when the pressure started dropping and we all ran to the bathroom," said Kim Dennis, who also lives in the neighborhood.

The subdivision is very close to the Massey Ranch Air Park, where the tornado is believed to have originally touched down. Homeowners came outside after to find damage and debris everywhere.

"Trees everywhere, parts of the hangar from the airport all over the streets, busted windows, sheds torn apart, fences down," said Ken Huberman, describing the damage he saw.

Piles of tree limbs and leaves line the streets in the neighborhood Friday night as people have started to clean up. Several big trees still lay over front yards.

Residents said firefighters and police officers were in the subdivision minutes after the tornado touched down, knocking on doors to make sure everyone was accounted for.

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