Restaurant owner: Video shows dad teaching kids to steal

Boy caught on camera stealing owner's sunglasses

ONTARIO, Calif. - Keith Marasinghe says he was disgusted to see surveillance video from his restaurant showing a father encouraging his kids to steal Marasinghe's sunglasses.

Marasinghe told KCAL-TV he was sitting at a table working on his laptop Tuesday morning when he briefly stepped away. When he returned, his sunglasses were gone.

When he looked at the surveillance video, Marasinghe says he saw a father and his two kids walking past his table and toward the restroom. The father can be see pointing at Marasinghe's sunglasses.

"He turned around and pointed to the kid saying 'Hey get that,'" said Marasinghe.

When the younger boy refused, the father turned to his older son for help. The video shows the boy picking up the sunglasses and putting them back down. Marasinghe says the boy can be seen asking his father if the coast is clear.

"He says 'It's clear. Go do it!,'" Marasinghe said. "And then the kid came back and just took it and walked away."

Marasinghe posted the video to YouTube to shame the father.

"I played it about 3 or 4 times before I could actually digest it," said Marasinghe. "He's an absolute loser. I mean it's a loser dad. This is not the type of example we want to set for our kids. He used the kids as a pawn."

Marasinghe says the group walked by him after leaving the restroom. He recalls the younger boy looking at him before leaving.

"He stopped, turned 90 degrees toward me, looked me in the eye and felt really guilty," said Marasinghe.