Roof tossed across neighborhood during afternoon storms

Large chunks of metal sent flying into nearby homes

ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Afternoon storms that traced across central Florida were strong enough to rip part of a roof off one Osceola County home.

Neighbors in the Jade Isle community in St. Cloud said the storm hit about 4 p.m. Wednesday and was over in about 15 minutes, but managed to rip the large chunk of metal off the roof.

The wind ripped an awning from Lindy James' roof and tossed it over her house and several others before parts slammed into neighbors' trailers.

"My granddaughter started screaming and ran to mommy. It was just scary," said James, who braced for cover with her husband, daughter and granddaughter when the storm hit. "I thought something had flew over from someplace else and hit the roof is what I thought."

James had no idea anything was even wrong, but neighbors did.

John Wiley lives several trailers away, and never saw the hunk of flying metal thanks to the heavy rain, but he heard it.

"Just a solid sheet. I mean you couldn't see nothing. All of a sudden we hear the thud," said Wiley.

James said they're hoping to call a roofing company to get an estimate on the damage on Thursday. She said the damage does not appear to have caused any leaking.

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