Sales tax increase would impact road project in downtown Oviedo

Seminole County taxpayers asked to approve a one-cent sales tax increase

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - New county funding could keep a road construction project in downtown Oviedo on schedule.

Seminole County commissioners sent the issue of a 1-cent sales tax increase to the voters to decide on Tuesday.

If approved, customers would pay a 7 percent sales tax in the county, bringing it in-line with other counties in Central Florida.

The money generated in Seminole County would be earmarked for infrastructure, streets and education.

While school leaders hammer out what the money would be used for in schools, county engineers have their sights set on roadway construction projects, such as widening County Road 419, which cuts right through downtown Oviedo.

Plans call for the roadway to be expanded from two lanes to four lanes, meaning some businesses would be forced to move and some historic buildings may be leveled.

The project comes on the heels of another road widening project currently underway by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Crews are working to widen State Road 434 from two lanes to four lanes, and they're already having to move businesses and tear down buildings, leaving some to wonder what downtown Oviedo will look like after both projects are completed.

The sales tax special election will be held in May 2014 and it will cost the county nearly half a million dollars.

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