Sally Beauty Supply announces data breach

1 of nation's largest beauty retailers hit by hackers

By Erik Sandoval - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Just as the dust from the Target data breach was starting to settle down, one of the nation's biggest beauty retailers gets hit by hackers.

Sally Beauty Supply, with stores all over Central Florida, announced on their website, "We have now discovered evidence that some payment card data may have been illegally accessed on our systems, and we believe it has been removed."

The hackers nabbed thousands of customer's names, credit and debit card information with their expiration dates and the CVV numbers on the back of those cards -- enough information to go shopping.

One Sally's customer in Orlando said she was already a victim of Target's security breach and she doesn't want to fall victim again. She admits she was ready to pay with a card Monday night.

"You're so used to just having that card to pay for anything, whether it's debit or credit, and nobody carries cash anymore."

In Altamonte Springs, customers Local 6 talked to had no clue this had happened, but they want it to stop.

"Why are there not bigger firewalls put in? Why is there not better security happening within the systems? It just doesn't make sense," a shopper said.

Sally Beauty Supply set up an information website for customers to learn more about the situation.

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