Salon shooting victim out of coma

Marcia Santiago shot by ex-boyfriend

CASSELBERRY, Fla. - It started as a day at the salon, Kathy Batista was with her mother, when in a moment, everything changed.

"When this man came into the salon, I honestly thought it was a robbery," Batista said.

Last month, Bradford Baumet stormed into the salon on State Road 436, ordered the women to get on the ground, and started shooting- killing Batista's mother, Gladys Cabrera, and two other women.

He then killed himself at a nearby home.

"It wasn't even her issue, she had nothing to do with it- and she was still a victim," said Batista.

According to police, Baumet was going after his estranged girlfriend, Marcia Santiago, one of the owners of the salon, who was shot five times but survived.

Two weeks before the shooting, she took out a restraining order against Baumet, and a court hearing was set- hours after the shooting.

Batista is now leading what she calls a movement in her mother's name, to bring awareness to domestic violence and help to victims.

"Tomorrow it can be your sister, your cousin, your friend, your neighbor, your co-workers, how many lives have to be lost before somebody actually gets up and does something," Batista said.

Marcia Santiago's family tells us she is still on a breathing machine, but is able to communicate with her eyes.

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