Sanford police hold 'successful' gun buyback

Police say all guns collected will be registered, destroyed

SANFORD, Fla. - Sanford police says they collected 130 guns in a buyback program that ran all day Friday.

The department held the event at the old police station, and staffed tents in the parking lot there from 9 am to 6 pm.

Captain James McAuliffe said getting any number of guns off the streets of Sanford is a worthy cause.

"These weapons will not be used in a crime again," said McAuliffe. "They'll be cut up and destroyed."

Gun violence has plagued the city, especially in the past few months. McAuliffe says that's the big reason his department thought the buyback was needed.

Officers collected a wide range of weapons, from antiques to semi-automatic handguns, no questions asked. Sellers were rewarded with a $50 gift card from Target.

One seller brought a broken gun she'd had in the closet for years.

"It's possible someone with know how could have converted it into something dangerous," said Doris Hoffmann. "It's just better that it's out of the house."

Sanford police also collected ammunition, but did not offer a reward. All the guns collected will be registered and destroyed.

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