Sanford principal, 2 school employees on leave for ignoring gun tip

3 employees may be fired after 4th grade student had gun in backpack

SANFORD, Fla. - Three employees at one Seminole County school -- including the principal -- have learned they may be fired after a fourth-grade student had a gun in his backpack for two days even though school administrators were informed about the possible threat.

According to a statement from District Superintendent Walt Griffin, there is no good reason why the safety procedures were not followed. The three school leaders were told that student had a gun, but he was allowed into the school for two full days before anyone checked his backpack.

A two-month investigation showed that Principal Greg Turner, Assistant Principal Dr. Jeannette Amayo and Behavioral Specialist Steve Morton, all dropped the ball and allowed the threat of a gun on campus to continue for two days.

All three school leaders were put on administrative leave and will likely be fired.

On Thursday, May 9, the fourth-grade boy showed at least four other students a gun in his backpack not long after he walked into Hamilton Elementary School in Sanford.

Within minutes, a fourth-grade girl told her teacher about the danger. Quickly, that report went on to Morton, and that's when the system began to fail.

Even the boy's own teacher was worried why nothing was done to get the student out of her class. She was never told about the gun until several hours after school leaders were tipped off about that potential threat.

That boy with a gun was somehow allowed to leave school, get on a bus and then come back the next day without anyone confronting him about the gun that he continued to carry in his backpack.

When asked why no immediate action was taken when the gun was reported, Morton admitted he "must have forgot."

Also included in the report were allegations teachers had no rulebooks in their classrooms that instructed them how to deal with situations like a gun in school.

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