'Sasquatch Hunters' say Bigfoot spotted in Florida

Group says video shows beast running into woods

ORLANDO, Fla. - A group called "The Sasquatch Hunters" claim they spotted Bigfoot in Florida.

The group says it caught the creature on camera earlier this year in Liberty County, west of the Florida Panhandle.

"It was watching us. Whatever it was, (it) was looking out behind that tree at us," said a group member.

Video shows the elusive beast scurrying through the woods, and the creature is only seen for about a second.  The group, claims, however, that they also had a close encounter with the ape-like creature.

"We were asleep and we felt something push in the top of our tent. My buddy woke up screaming.  I woke up and we heard it run off on two legs," Sasquatch Hunter Stacy Brown Jr. said.

Sightings are typically reported in the Pacific Northwest.  After those reports, though, most Bigfoot sightings are reported in Texas, Ohio and Florida.

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