Sbarro launches healthier 'Skinny Slice'

New recipe contains 270 calories with healthier ingredients

Sbarro rolled out a new, healthier menu option today with the "Skinny Slice", a smaller version of their pizza with fewer calories and healthier ingredients

The new item boasts 270 calories, and includes ingredients such as red and green bell peppers, Portobello mushrooms and caramelized onions.

"We created the Skinny Slice as a delicious way to help our guests stick to their New Year's resolutions and still get their fix of authentic Italian pizza done the Sbarro way,"Jim Greco, CEO of Sbarro, said. "This better-for-you recipe will help pizza lovers everywhere answer their cravings without feeling a morsel of guilt."

Sbarro recently launched a new Neapolitan-style pizza nationwide in 2012.

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