School blasts Bieber song over loudspeakers all day

Students had to reach fundraising goal to turn off music

TENINO, Wash. - Students at Tenino High School created a unique and potentially mind-numbing way to motivate others to raise money for charity.

When kids showed up to school on Monday, they were met with Justin Bieber's "Baby" blaring over the loudspeaker. Students would have to listen to the song for the rest of the day unless they met a fundraising goal.

"Time to infect them with Bieber fever," one student told KING-TV as he started the music.

The song was played over and over in between classes and during the lunch periods.

"I love Justin Bieber but that one song just needs to stop," one student said.

"I've had five ibuprofen already," another student told KING-TV.

By the end of the day, students had raised $930 to support orphans at a school in Ghana, Africa. The school's goal was $500.