School board votes on Seminole Co. rezoning

SANFORD, Fla. - Despite plenty of opposition, Seminole County Board members decided to move forward with the Superintendent Walt Griffin's plan for new attendance zones for 11 elementary schools in the north part of the county.

"If you approve this new cluster system you guys own it. It now goes under your name because you guys had a chance to change it," said one parent to school board members.

The plan calls for dividing the area into two regions, with each getting the option to pick from three different elementary schools.

The key goal is to balance enrollment throughout the district.

"The alternative would have been closing a school on one side of the county only for me to have to come back in two years to build one in the northwest," says Superintendent Walt Griffin. "It was the fiscally responsible thing to do."

Dawn Branch says the plan is unfair. Under the new zoning plan, her nine-year-old would have to change schools next year.

"I'm not even given a choice because to me a c school is not a choice," says Branch."What the school board is communicating to me is because of my address my children are not able to achieve a pre-med status from an "A" school there going to have to be a Wal-Mart worker at a "C" school."

Her daughter also booed the plan clear her daughter feels the same way:

"My friends are gonna stay there and I'm going to have to leave."

But not everyone disagreed with the plan, Carmen Garcia says the changes will give her child a chance to be around kids that are different.

"With the cluster it gives me personally diversity, the kids grow up knowing no color," says Garcia.

There will be more public comment and a final vote on April 1st.

The superintendent says he also plans to come out with rezoning plans for the eastern and western parts of Seminole County by Thursday.

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