Scorpion delays JetBlue flight; Plane taken out of service

Witnesses say scorpion was about 4 inches long

ORLANDO, Fla. - A JetBlue plane was taken out of service Tuesday afternoon for inspection after a scorpion was spotted sitting between a woman's legs during a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Orlando.

A JetBlue spokeswoman told Local 6 the airline can't confirm exactly what was on board Flight 748, but said the plane was taken out of service "because of reports there might be an unwanted stowaway on board."

The spokeswoman said the plane had to be taken out of service and there was a flight delay, but passengers boarded a new plane while crews searched the other one top to bottom.

Sources on the plane said it was definitely a scorpion that was about 4 inches long, and it crawled back under a seat where it remained through the rest of the flight.

"That would be pretty alarming," said traveler Michele Kunitz. "I imagine I'd let go some sort of scream, some sort of sound of surprise."

It's unclear exactly where the scorpion came from, or what kind it was. Experts tell Local 6 if it stowed away in Puerto Rico, it was likely a bark scorpion.

Depending on how one reacts to venom, it's about as painful as a really bad wasp sting.

"I just can't believe that got on the flight," said Holly Haynes, who flew into Orlando International on Tuesday. "I don't understand how it could have even been an issue. That's really scary."

Although the insect supposedly crawled under a seat while the plane was still flying, Local 6 is told everyone on the plane stayed calm.

The airline said no one was hurt.

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