Screaming new grandma becomes viral sensation

Daughter surprises mother with pregnancy announcement

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NORTH CAROLINA - A woman's ecstatic and loud reaction to news of her daughter's pregnancy is quickly becoming a viral sensation.


Dorothy Barthelson was celebrating her husband's 60th birthday with her daughter, Ashley, and her son-in-law, according to The Daily Mail.  Barthelson's son-in-law, Michael Krauter, recorded the seemingly normal moment when Barthelson's husband opened his gift and card.

First, Barthelson's husband opened his gift -- a pair of shoes -- that had a note saying, "This present is to keep you speedy for many years to come."

Ashley and Michael instruct Barthelson's husband to open and read a card next.

It begins with "Grandpa" and both Barthelson and her husband appear intrigued but confused.

"Oh, my gosh," says Barthelson, with her lips trembling.

When her husband opens the card, Barthelson sees a picture of a sonogram as her husband reads, "Some birthdays are more special than others."

At that moment, Barthelson realizes her daughter is pregnant and lets out two extremely loud shrieks and proceeds to break down into tears, repeating the phrase, "Oh, my gosh!"

"Baby Krauter is due September 17th -- in time for mom's birthday," Barthelson's husband continues.

"Dorothy, come on -- quit crying," her husband says.

"I hope we can win at America's Funniest Home Videos for this," her daughter jokes.

Screaming grandma

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