SeaWorld announces blubbery bundle of joy

Kaboodle the walrus expecting her second calf

By Kelly Pepperman - Producer

SeaWorld Orlando.

ORLANDO, Fla. - Later this spring, Kaboodle will be a mom twice over. Garfield, Ginger and Aku will have to make room for the newest member of the family. 

This pregnant pinniped is enduring the longest gestation period of her fin-footed relatives. Walruses are pregnant for 16 months because of a delayed implantation of the embryo, according to SeaWorld Orlando. This is meant to ensure that their calves are born at the most optimal time of year when there is plenty of food at their flipper tips. 

 In 2017, SeaWorld Orlando welcomed its first-ever calf Ginger and rescued a calf named Aku.

Ginger & Aku

The Wild Arctic team will continue giving Kaboodle routine ultrasounds until her newest calf arrives later this year.

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