SeaWorld to keep float in Thanksgiving Day Parade

PETA protests "Sea Of Surprises" float

By Tara Evans - Executive Producer
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NEW YORK - Macy's has reported that SeaWorld's 'Sea of Surprises' float will stay in the Thanksgiving Day Parade despite protests from PETA.

According to CBS New York, WCBS 880?s Marla Diamond reported PETA charges that SeaWorld's "A Sea Of Surprises" float with penguins, kelp and whales is part of its crisis management after the documentary "Blackfish" gave the theme park a black eye.

The documentary accuses the theme park of mistreating killer whales. PETA said it's received 78,000 emails asking that the float be pulled from the parade.

"They remove them forcibly and violently from their pods, or their families, stick them in a cement tank where all they have to do is chew on the cement bars, breaking their own teeth and banging their heads into the side of the enclosure," PETA's Lindsey Wright told Diamond. "SeaWorld is nothing more than a cruel prison for animals."

Wright said 25 orcas have died there of disease since 1986.

"So a float that celebrates that cruelty to animals is really totally out of place at this family-friendly event," she told Diamond.

In a statement, SeaWorld said the accusations are unfounded. Macy's also said it's keeping the float in the 87th annual parade as part of its intention to offer a range of entertaining elements without judgment, endorsement or agenda.

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