SeaWorld to lay off more than 300 employees

No word on location of layoffs or departments

SeaWorld announced more than 300 employees will be laid off as part of a restructuring program across the company's 11-park enterprise.

Officials said 311 will be laid off out of a peak workforce of more than 25,000. It's not clear what positions will be eliminated or where the layoffs will occur.

Last month, SeaWorld's CEO announced the company was going to be cutting $50 million a year in expenses. The company announced Thursday a restructuring program across its 11-park enterprise that will centralize some operations, reduce duplication of functions and increase efficiencies and accelerate execution, the release stated.

Friday's announcement comes a day after SeaWorld announced CEO Jim Atchison is being replaced, effective in January 2015.

The reason for Atchison stepping down has not been released, but the company's stock has lost more than half its value in the recent months.

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