Second victim dies in Titusville neighborhood feud

William Woodward gets no bond in fatal shooting

TITUSVILLE, Fla. - A judge granted no bond for the man accused of shooting and killing two men and seriously injuring others in a Titusville neighborhood dispute.

William T. Woodward, 44, of Titusville, was arrested on one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in the shooting death of Gary Lee Hembree, 39.

As of Wednesday, Titusville police were notified that the second victim in the shooting, Roger Picior, 44, died. One charge of attempted murder will be upgraded to first-degree murder.

Hembree was shot multiple times in his yard during a Labor Day cookout on Smith Drive and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators believe Hembree was heckling Woodward, who is a Gulf War veteran, the previous evening, yelling insults about him as part of an ongoing dispute. Woodward's friends say he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and snapped after weeks of being taunted by his neighbor.

Less than a week before the shooting, Woodward and his neighbors were in court trying to get restraining orders against each other, but Judge Dean Moxley denied all their requests.

Under the law, in order to get a restraining order for repeat violence, the party must show that they have been injured or stalked at least twice and are in imminent danger of it happening again.

The victim's girlfriend wrote in an affidavit that Woodward has "told the whole neighborhood about his guns and knives and about the fact he is crazy." She also told the judge that she "can't sleep and my kids cannot go outside alone for fear of this maniac."

"The system failed us. Every officer that came out here we begged for help," said Kim Cast, the girlfriend of Hembree. "We begged the judge for help we did exactly what the law told us to do to protect our family and nothing was done."

Picior, 44, and Bruce Timothy Blake, 49, both of Titusvivlle, were airlifted to a hospital after being shot multiple times. Picior was very seriously injured and later died in the hospital, according to police. Blake was expected to survive.

"This man shot 7 bullets into my boyfriend and I was right next to him," said Cast. "Everything inside of me as a mother as a girlfriend as a human being knew that this man was going to hurt somebody."

Woodward's wife said it was Hembree and his family who were harassing Woodward.

"The repeat harassment by Gary ... is creating lots of noise and sets off Billy's combat stress," Woodward's wife writes in documents. "Billy has trouble controlling his impulsiveness because of bipolar disorder and his self-control."

"I'm on social security disability, I am under psychiatric care," Woodward told the judge at the injunction hearing.

Woodward told the judge he will hire an attorney using money from his military benefits. It's not clear if he will claim his illness as a cause in his defense.

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