Seminole County bus driver caught on video texting while driving

Driver under investigation by Seminole County School Board

SANFORD, Fla. - A Seminole County bus driver is under investigation after the driver was caught on camera texting while driving for the second time--but this time the driver says he had a good reason for the texts.

Driver Robert Stancheski was on the phone and texting in the December 2012 video, which was recently released, according to school leaders. In April 2012, Stancheski was caught texting while driving, which resulted in a minor accident and a 1-day suspension.

Stancheski, who has been on the force for two years and a bus driver for 20 years, said there's a reason for his texting.

"I was in the process to text a parent to a special needs child that I was going to pick them up," he told Local 6. "Granted, I was texting...wrong, but I didn't have anybody on my bus and it was just myself and I used speech to text. I'm there and I'm looking up, there, looking up."

In both cases, there were no students on the bus. Technically, texting and driving isn't illegal in Florida, but school officials said bus drivers are never to use a cellphone.

Stancheski said he'll fight to keep his job, which he says he's passionate about. He'll appear in front of the Seminole County School Board on Tuesday where the board will decide if he will be fired.

"I've been a safe driver," said Stancheski, who adds he even has letters of support from some parents.

He has been suspended without pay since the December incident as the district investigates. He will get a hearing and will remain on suspension until the hearing process is over.

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