Seminole County courthouse prepared for George Zimmerman trial

County officials say more delays expected traveling around courthouse

SANFORD, Fla. - When drivers approach the Seminole County courthouse, signs are already advising them to expect delays when jury selection starts for the George Zimmerman trial next week.

County officials say they will also have more deputies patrolling the parking lot and directing traffic.

"We know we're going to have a higher than usual volume of traffic to this area during the trial wee, we're going to have more people and more vehicles," said county spokesperson Heather Smith.

In the southeast parking lot, media outlets have already started setting up.

In front of the courthouse barricades outline one of three public assembly zones.
Demonstrators will also be allowed in front of the juvenile justice center and the civil courthouse downtown.

"We don't have any information that we'll have any large-scale or organized protests," Smith said. "We do expect that people will come to the courthouse and people will want to assemble on the grounds."

County officials say people can also expect more security. They will have a third metal detector in place at the courthouse, and security will be similar to the airport, no liquids or sharp items.

"We've been planning for a year now and we've been working in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies making sure that we have personnel, equipment and staffing in place to really handle anything that might come our way," Smith said.

Jury selection begins in Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial on Monday.

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