Seminole County courthouse simmers down after George Zimmerman verdict

SANFORD, Fla. - Just two days ago the Seminole County Courthouse was full of demonstrators and media live trucks as the country counted down the George Zimmerman verdict.

But now a much different scene, no demonstrators and people are going about their daily business. Deborah Jones tells Local 6 she's on jury duty at the courthouse.

"I wanted to report here very early today because I didn't know with jury duty if I was going to have a problem with parking because there was a lot of media here," she said.

She says even she was surprised by how quiet the courthouse now seemed.

"I expected it to be a little bit more because its the Monday after the verdict and I know there are things that still need to be wrapped up."

And that's exactly what the media is doing breaking down all their equipment now that the case is over. Deputies say they expect all media to be gone by Wednesday.

The barricades at the protesting area are still up and deputies will continue to monitor the area.

Courthouse officials say Judge Debra Nelson has Monday off, but will resume with more cases soon.

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