Seminole County law enforcement holds active shooter drill

By Troy Campbell - Reporter

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Shootings in Florida and across the country continue to have people on alert when out in public places. Sunday night, law enforcement in Seminole County held an active shooter training exercise at the Seminole Town Center. The drill took several hours with more than 50 members of law enforcement.

Their fake scenario included two armed men shooting inside the mall with several casualties.

"We are talking about a business," said Ronny Neal with the Sanford Police Department. "We are talking about a large amount of people and again controlling that situation. For example, if we have mass casualties, small casualties, just depending on what it is, that we are having to bring people to safety, get them to understand our commands."

Seminole County Emergency Management officials said this was their first full scale drill since members of law enforcement underwent new training to deal with an active shooter.

"We want to be prepared, making sure that in the future if we were to have some problems like this, again, we will be able to respond properly and help the citizens," said Neal.

Officers treated the fictional situation as the real deal, entering the mall with guns drawn and evacuating the people inside.

Officials said that they want to learn from the exercise so they can be more prepared if the unthinkable ever became a reality.

"So what we are doing collectively is bringing the agencies together with that training and responding to a major event. That's the focus we are looking at today," Neal said.

Sanford police said in the event of a real active shooter they advise the public to look for informational updates on their social media pages.

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