Seminole County mom's letter to Gov. Rick Scott on blog creates 'firestorm'

Mom explains why she's pulling kids out of public school as thousands rally behind

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County mom's letter to the governor has created what she calls a firestorm, with parents, students, and educators from all over the state rallying behind her.

Lynne Rigby, a former kindergarten teacher and mom of five, posted the letter, explaining why she's pulling her kids out of public school, to her blog.

She's gotten over a hundred thousand clicks, and the comments keep coming.

"Everyone is going through it, and I feel it's nice that we're all in the same boat, but it's terrible we're all in the same boat, at the same time, because we're all feeling the same frustrations," she said.

In her letter, Rigby says standardized testing is destroying the learning environment, and causing good educators to leave the teaching profession.

"They're giving a script, nobody trusts them as a teacher anymore. Let them teach," she said.

Rigby also addresses Common Core, how she says it doesn't consider the individual child, saying: "You are not programming computers; you can't expect a 2008 Dell that had coffee spilled on it to perform the same tasks as a 2014 iMac."

Superintendent Walt Griffin responded to the letter and said, "SCPS does not have the option whether to administer state mandated tests. These tests (FCAT and FSA) are used to determine individual student growth and proficiency, school grades, and teacher performance pay."

Rigby doesn't blame the county, instead she's challenging school leaders to think outside the box and be more creative when designing lesson plans.

"We want our kids to love school- we want our kids to have fun, and we want the system to work for them- and not them to actually work for the system- to prove their worth - to prove all these things," she said.

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