Seminole County students hang sign with N-word as senior prank

Banner posted atop Lake Howell High School

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A sign with a slang version of the N-word, featuring lyrics by rap artist Drake, was hung atop a Seminole County high school as a senior prank, officials said.

The sign, which read, "(Expletive) we made it!  (Class of) 14," was draped across Lake Howell High School at 4200 Dike Road in Winter Park.

Seminole County Public Schools said the sign was hung early Thursday by a group of seniors and was removed several hours later when it was discovered by school administrators.

"Yesterday morning at Lake Howell High School, sometime after midnight, without our knowledge, students hung a congratulatory sign to seniors on the gymnasium building," Seminole County Public Schools said.  "The sign contained a derogatory verse from a song by Drake as part of a senior prank that is unfortunately trending nationally. The school removed the sign as soon as it was brought to their attention and deeply apologizes for those student's behavior."

The students who posted the banner were identified and will be disciplined, although no specifics were provided.

The school said it does not condone the language on the banner and discourages other students from performing pranks.

"They should have just chose a different song honestly," said senior Briana Gayle. "That word shouldn't be used. It's very disrespectful."

Similar senior pranks have occurred at other schools, including two in Georgia.

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