Seminole school rezoning group narrows plans

Committee narrows plans down to 12 on Wednesday

SANFORD, Fla. - A committee narrowed down over a hundred rezoning plans to twelve, for the elementary schools in the North phase of the district, in the rezoning process for schools in Seminole County.

"We're trying to create attendance zones for students that will increase enrollment at under-enrolled schools, and decrease enrollment at schools that area at or above capacity," said John Reichert, a spokesperson for the district.

Anyone with internet access was able to submit a plan to the district online, each a different map of how the 11 elementary schools that make up the North phase should be rezoned.

Lake Mary parent Aamena Kanji submitted three plans, but none of them made it through.

"It's just frustrating that I don't know how it's going to end," said Kanji.

One plan, a "Cluster Keeper" made it through Wednesday's round. If approved, it could mean Shelly Bauer's son won't have to change schools next year.

"He loves his teachers, he loves his school and he knows it, something he's comfortable with," said Bauer.

The plans that made it out will be narrowed down again, to three plans when the committee meets again on January 24.

Those plans will then go before the superintendent. Bauer said waiting is the hardest part.

"For them to be wondering each day 'Where am I going to school next year?' It's just unsettling," said Bauer.

The school board is set to vote on a final plan for the North phase in March.

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