Sharks Found In Shallow Water at Ponte Vedra Beach

Witness: Shark Was 5 Feet Long, Feeding On Smaller Fish

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - Larry Ward said he saw two sharks feeding in shallow waters at Ponte Vedra Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Ward said he noticed the sharks about 12:45 p.m. and began photographing them, according to Local 6 News partner WJXT-TV.

"I noticed that a shark had come to very shallow water by me, and there was hardly anyone around me. This wasn't a very crowded part of the beach," Ward said.

He said one shark appeared to be about 5 feet long and was feeding on smaller fish.

"He wasn't bothered at all by the depth of the water or lack of depth, I should say," Ward said. "And then another shark appeared, same species and about the same size, and they were feeding in tandem, kind of pushing fish towards each other."

Ward said he has surfed in the area for much of his life, "and I've never seen any that large in that shallow water."

"I just know from surfing there's sharks out there all the time, but you can't see them in that dark of water, only when they get shallow like that or if their fin happens to break the water," Ward said. "But you can't be afraid of them. You'll never go out there if you're afraid of them."

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