Shocking ad campaign depicts teen boys being pregnant

Ads to send message that both parties suffer in a teen pregnancy

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CHICAGO - An ad campaign showing teen boys as pregnant are popping up all over Chicago with the goal of reducing teen pregnancies.

The ads posted with the tagline: "Unexpected? Most teen pregnancies are."

According to the New York Daily News, the ads are meant to shock.

"The point was to get people's attention and get conversation started about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how they really affect a community," Brian Richardson, Chicago Department of Health spokesman, told the Daily News.

The ads are centered around schools and areas of Chicago with the highest instances of teen pregnancies.

Richardson said the point is that not just the girl that suffers during a teen pregnancy.

"The daughters of teen mothers are more likely to become teen moms themselves," he said. "And the sons of teen moms are more likely to go to prison. These are challenges that go beyond one girl or one woman.

The ads launched in May and free condoms and brochures about contraception and abstinence are being given out at public high schools.

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