Shooting scare boosts security at Orlando school

Loaded magazine found on campus of Glenridge Middle School

ORLANDO, Fla. - As students at Glenridge Middle School returned to class on Tuesday, Orlando police said they had increased security.

The added security comes after a woman reported threats of a possible shooting and a loaded magazine was found on campus on Monday.

Orange County Public Schools reported 190 students were absent on Tuesday, compared to the 170 absences on May 7. Enrollment at the school is 1,365 students.

During drop off Local 6 noticed two Orlando police officers, one more than usual, along with another OPD squad car on the campus. OPD Spokesman Sgt. Jim Young indicated there would be additional security measures, but declined to elaborate because that could compromise effectiveness.

The school district also added its own patrols. Two school security officers were stationed outside the school doing rounds of the campus. The district said the heightened security would last all week.

"We saw the number of police cars outside and we were just thinking, 'Oh my God, the next thing you know SWAT's going to come,'" said Glenridge Middle School student Mauricio Dantas.

Dantas said he is not sure if he'll go to school on Tuesday after the gun scare.

He was kept inside his classroom for four hours on Monday while the campus was on lockdown and 30 Orlando police officers searched for weapons.

"Police officers knocked on the door and asked everyone to go out," said Dantas. "They took our backpacks, searched them, then they searched us to see if we had anything."

Theresa Melendez let one of her daughters stay home Tuesday, while her other daughter went to school.

"She doesn't want to go to school today, so I'm taking her home. She doesn't feel safe. She's nervous," said Melendez.

Melendez said she noticed it looked like other parents were keeping their kids home today too, but official attendance records won't be available until later. 

Police say Monday's incident started around 9:40 a.m. A woman-- who remained anonymous-- called the school resource officer and said her daughter was texting her from inside the school that a student was going to shoot other kids at lunch, and had placed something in a trash can on campus.

The officer soon found a fully loaded magazine from a .22 caliber gun.

It's the second scare at Glenridge in less than two months.

On March 18, a 7th grader had a fully loaded MAC 10 and a handgun inside his backpack.

In that case, police say the 12-year-old was not planning to hurt anyone.

Hopefully, it's a hoax and not anything real," said Vandy Kanaday, who lives near Glenridge Middle School. "But in today's world you never know."

Orlando police are still investigating where the loaded magazine came from and are asking the unidentified female caller to contact them immediately.

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