Shoppers Exposed While Trying On Clothes

Fitting Rooms Invade Privacy Says Retail Insider

ORLANDO, Fla. - A former loss prevention officer for Macy's told Local 6 about what he referred to as the retailer's dirty little secret about their fitting rooms.

"I know for a fact that our customers did not know we could see them naked," said the insider, who most recently worked at a Macy's store in Southwest Florida but did not want to be identified by name.

He said Macy's fitting rooms are designed to invade your privacy and expose you to public view, so that loss prevention staff can monitor the rooms for theft.

A Local 6 undercover investigation found fitting room doors in Macy's stores at the Florida Mall, Fashion Square Mall and Seminole Town Center hung with slats facing downward, giving anyone who is right outside the door a very revealing view.

The doors were hung in the same fashion in various fitting rooms throughout the stores, including the Macy's lingerie department at Florida Mall.

"In 20 years in loss prevention I've never seen anything like this," said the Macy's insider. He claimed that the retailer does not find fault with the practice because they alert consumers by hanging small signs in the fitting rooms that read, "Fitting rooms are monitored by loss prevention personnel to prevent shortage."

But Macy's is not the only retailer with the downward slatted fitting room doors. Our cameras captured similar scenes at the Dillard's at Fashion Square Mall as well.

Fitting rooms at Ross and Marshall's did not have the revealing doors.

Just minutes prior to our investigation airing, Dillard's sent a statement that said, "We have adjusted each fitting room door at Fashion Square Mall where potential visibility was identified by our engineer. We respect the privacy of our customers."

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