Skydiver's spiraling crash landing caught on video

Man falls within feet of iron stakes in California

LODI, Calif. - Craig Stapleton has 7,000 skydiving jumps under his belt.  His latest jump, however, may be both his scariest and most memorable.

Stapleton spiraled out of control for three minutes and crash landed at 30 mph during a jump on Sunday.  The avid skydiver managed to escape with a dislocated shoulder, bruises and an amazing story to tell.

Stapleton says his parachute deployed too quickly and instantly became tangled. When he tried to pull his reserve parachute, it became tangled in the already-snarled parachute.

The California man crash-landed in the middle of a vineyard, only a few feet away from iron stakes.

Stapleton says he plans to take a break this upcoming weekend, but will return to jumping soon.

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