Small-time recording studio president linked to dating scam

Detectives say romance conman targeting local women online

ORLANDO,Fla - The Office of Financial Regulation in Tallahassee has an "open and active investigation" into an alleged playboy con man identified as Scott "Scotty" Campbell, President and CEO of Bank Deposits Only Records.

Local detectives say Campbell has been running a romance scam for the last ten years walking off with an estimated $1 million from more than 20 Central Florida women.

In most cases Campbell cashes his victim's checks at their banks, leaving no paper trail.

Major Tod Goodyear of the Brevard County Sheriff's Criminal Division says Campbell's latest victim invested $5,000 into BDO Record's proposed talent show in February.

Goodyear says the 40-something single mom fits the profile for Campbell's list of alleged victims.

"Sometimes they have money, sometimes they don't ... several have filed for bankruptcy," Goodyear said.

Local 6 has learned  Campbell met his alleged victim on the dating site.

By the weekend, they met face-to-face at the Ali Baba Hookah Cafe in Kissimmee. The woman who spoke on condition of anonymity, says Campbell made small talk for a few hours before hitting her with a sales pitch for his entertainment project.

"He was going to do something really big to help my financial situation ... I was gullible enough to trust him, basically I didn't ask the right questions," she said

The woman wrote him a check for $5,000 and cashed it at her bank as he stood by.

She said she panicked and asked for the money back the next day but he refused claiming his accounts were "frozen."

Over the past few weeks he left a few phone messages and texts and then stopped contacting her.

On Wednesday, Campbell broke his silence. He claimed to be in Georgia working on a "special project." He refused to talk about the money he owed her but claimed he still cared about her.

Detectives say Campbell has no property, cars or Florida drivers license in his name.

Brevard County Sheriff's have been tracking Campbell for the last 18 months. 

It is believed he may be living with friends or a girlfriend in the Kissimmee area.

If you have information about Campbell you are asked to contact the Brevard County Sheriff's Office at: 321-636-4665.

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