Social media increases sales at businesses

Turn in your hobby into a business or expand a current business through social media

By Eryka Washington - Investigative Reporter

From Instagram to Facebook find out how you can make money by turning in your hobby into a business or expanding your business.

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Kristen Macnamara owns Pastiche Home D├ęcor and credits her post on social media for a large number of her sales.

"Facebook, Twitter, Instagram that's what's kept these doors open now two years," she said.

Shoppers can always find antiques or vintage furniture on the stores Facebook and Instagram accounts.

"We really try and target the new arrivals, keep it fresh and get people coming in," Macnamara said.

One of those shoppers coming in is Jessica Lopez.

"My hours at work is 9 to 5 downtown and so by the time I am able to get here they are closed," Lopez said.

That's when Pastiche's social media accounts come in handy and for Lopez its all about convenience,

"I will open up my phone and I start looking and sure enough I always find something," Lopez said. "A lot of times I call Kristen, 'please hold this I want it!'"

More and more transactions are done right over the phone.

A concept that initially caught Macnamara off guard.

"For them to just blindly do that based on picture is surprising but haven't had any complaints," Macnamara said.

Shannon Gevero used social media to hire a photographer for her family photos and she has no complaints either.

"A few months ago I was thinking we do not have any family photos," Gevero said.

A neighbor suggested a photographer on Facebook.

Gevero says she did her research.

"I went through Facebook and was able to find her, see her portfolio online and got in touch with her," Gevero said.

The photographer's Facebook page had everything a customer would want to know.

"I read the reviews, was able to see this photographer was excellent with children easy to work with affordable, so I just think it's the way to go," Gevero said.

Erin Butler of Purple Rock Scissors, a Digital Creative Agency agrees. She says if you're not using social media for your business, you should start now.

"72 percent of people using the internet are on social media so that is a huge market to be ignoring," Butler said.

Butler recommends picking platforms that suit your business brand and don't try to saturate all of the social media channels.

If you are going to use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram, Butler said for your business, be sure to be genuine, relevant and interactive and that will turn your social followers into true advocates.

That's why Macnamara's 1,500 followers continue to grow.

"They know what they're getting is quality and believe what they see," Macnamara said.

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