Son keeps Super Bowl promise

Mom, Seahawks fan stunned to open envelope with tickets

SEATTLE - A Seattle mom's reaction is going viral after her son repaid an old "debt"and kept a promise by surprising her with Super Bowl tickets.

Mike Harris says his mom had been a huge Seahawks fan since 1976. When the team made the AFC Championship game in 1984, Harris's mom wanted to celebrate at the stadium with the team and fans. However, Harris's mom was pregnant with him at the time, so she couldn't go.

Harris attended several Seahawks games with his mom throughout his life, including the NFC Championship game in 2005. The Harris family hoped to go to the Super Bowl that year, but could not afford it.

"My dad promised that next time he would send us, with the thought that next time may very well be into my own old age," Harris wrote on YouTube.

Once the Seahawks clinched a bid to Super Bowl XLVIII, Harris says he immediately started researching ticket and hotel prices.

"I found myself reading a headline on Bing about the falling prices of Super Bowl tickets," Harris wrote.

Harris says he was able to secure three tickets on the cheap and a hotel just a few miles from MetLife Stadium.

When the tickets arrived, he recorded his mom's priceless reaction.

"What are you talking about?" his mom said.

"Those are Super Bowl tickets," Harris responded.

"No they're not!" his mom said. "We can't do this! This can't happen! How did you guys do this?"

"We're going to the Super Bowl mom!" Harris exclaimed.

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