Sources: Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy fired over phone

Source within Orlando Magic tells Local 6

ORLANDO, Fla. - Sources with the Orlando Magic told Local 6 Sports Director David Pingalore that head coach Stan Van Gundy was told he was fired over the phone on Monday.

Van Gundy, who spent five years with the franchise becoming the All-Time winningest head coach, was told over the phone, according to Pingalore's sources.

Pingalore's sources confirm that Van Gundy went to work as usual Monday morning where he spent the day in his offices until 1:15 p.m. After doing some office work, Van Gundy left for home. As the sources tell Pingalore, "it was like a normal off-season day."

At 2:45 p.m. Van Gundy received a phone call from CEO Alex Martins, who informs the head coach that he was fired, according to the source.

A person within the Magic organization, who spoke under anonymity, said, "it was a strange day, knowing a man that gave so much to a franchise couldn't have been told to his face about being let go. Coach was in the office all morning long and they couldn't fire him in person?"
After Van Gundy was told on the phone, an email was sent out to everyone in the building where the Magic basketball operations are located to convene for a 3 p.m. meeting and the staff was told of the news.

During the news conference Monday, Pingalore asked Martins how tough of a day it was for him since he had relationships with Van Gundy and General Manager Otis Smith.

"This is the most difficult day in my career," Martins said, adding, "I did have great personal relationships with both of them."
But Pingalore's NBA sources said, "This is not how an NBA firing usually will go down. There has to be some human decency."

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