South Daytona police charge man in death of wife

Christopher Haag charged with second-degree murder

By Kristin Giannas , Michelle Dendy - Web Editor

SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. - South Daytona police on Monday arrested a man on second-degree homicide charges in the death of his wife.

[911 CALL AUDIO: Warning, content may be graphic ]

Police said Rose Marie Haag, 45, was found dead in an apartment at the Bristol Bay Condominiums at around 1 a.m. after receiving a call from her husband saying that he tried CPR and blood was coming from her nose.

"Her tongue is swollen in her mouth, her eyes wont open, and her chest aint moving up and down but she's warm in the middle, if there's anything you can do, please get somebody here right away," said Christopher Haag to a 911 operator.

Police believe Haag beat his wife to death before calling for help.

"I was passed out and I was drinking really heavily, I was passed out," he said, as police escorted him to a patrol car that would take him to the Volusia County jail.

Police said Haag was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2012 and that they had been to the home six times in the past year.

On her Facebook page, Rose Marie said she was feeling depressed because her relationship with Haag was in trouble.

Shontal Snow says Rose Marie was coming to work with bruises and cuts on her face, but always had an excuse for the signs of abuse, never blaming her husband.

"I really hope by seeing someone else that went through something like that, that if you're in the same situation, that you have the strength to get out before something like this happens to you," she said.

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