ISS crew honors 'Gravity' on Oscars night

NASA, JAXA astronauts congratulate crew on 7 awards

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Astronauts aboard the International Space Station tipped their cap to the cast and crew of the film "Gravity" after they earned seven Academy Awards.

NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio joined JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata in creating a YouTube message.

"Up here, 260 miles above the Earth, we know a little bit about gravity and the lack of gravity," said Hopkins.

The crew explains they took time to watch the film at the International Space Station.

"[We] were struck by the stunning visuals and stark imagery the movie depicted," said Wakata.

"Of course, nothing beats the real thing," said Mastracchio. "But we want to congratulate the entire production and directing team and the stars of 'Gravity' for the honors they have earned."

In a display of the lack of gravity, Hopkins can be seen performing continuous flips as the other two crew members speak.

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