Problem in orbit delays arrival of new space station crew

Computer stops engine burn after detecting issue

By John Ambrogne - Executive Producer
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Soyuz rocket blasts off from Kazakhstan 

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - A problem in orbit is delaying the arrival of the next crew of the International Space Station.

The three-person crew, including NASA astronaut Steven Swanson were due to arrive at the ISS Tuesday night after blasting off on a Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan earlier in the day.

But, that rendezvous was aborted. NASA says a computer on board the spacecraft did not execute a planned engine burn after detecting a problem with altitude control. NASA says workers are now going over the data to figure out what went wrong.

NASA says the crew is not in any danger. The plan is to now do a two-day approach to the station with a planned arrival Thursday night. The trip to the space station traditionally took two days before a recent change allowed the express trips in just six hours.

Mission managers say the crew on board the Soyuz does have enough supplies to last past two days if more time is needed to figure out what went wrong.

The crew is planning on spending just under six months in orbit.

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