Solid rocket boosters added to Shuttle Atlantis exhibit

Exhibit expected to open on June 29

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Crews will take a major step toward completing the new Shuttle Atlantis exhibit on Thursday by installing a section of the replica solid rocket boosters.

The model boosters are being assembled in five stages, according to the Kennedy Space Center. On Thursday, a 200-foot high crane will hoist two segments of the replica boosters on top of the base for each model.

Within the next few weeks, crews will install another segment before topping off the models will a cone-shaped nozzle.

The solid rocket boosters will be attached to a giant orange fuel tank, which is expected to be set up by the end of April. The entire rocket booster and fuel tank replica is expected to be completed by June.

Crews will raise the fuel tank 24 feet off the ground so visitors can walk under it as they head toward the Shuttle Atlantis exhibit.

The $100 million exhibit will open at the Kennedy Space Center on June 29. Visitors will get to see Shuttle Atlantis up close and learn about the 30-year history of NASA's shuttle program.

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