Space shuttle Atlantis makes final 10-mile trek

Atlantis' move to take all day

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLa. - Space shuttle Atlantis will make its final journey Friday to its new home.

Around sunrise, the last shuttle to blast into orbit will begin its 10-mile road trip from one part of Florida's Kennedy Space Center to another.

[PICS: Atlantis rolls out]

It traveled atop a 76-wheeled platform out of NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building to the space center visitor complex. There will be stops along the way for a ceremony and public viewing. A few dozen astronauts will join in, including the last crew to fly aboard Atlantis.

A fireworks display is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the visitor complex.

Once inside the building, jacks will lift the orbiter into a position where guests can see how Atlantis flew in space.

Atlantis completed 33 missions, 12 trips to the International Space Station, 4,800 times around the Earth and traveled more than 125 million miles in space.

"Of course we are depressed that this is ending," said Mike Williams, who worked on the shuttle heat tiles for more than 30 years. "The biggest thing is, we have nothing to replace this workhorse."

Atlantis is the last space shuttle to leave the coop. Discovery left for the Smithsonian in Virginia in April. Endeavour headed to California in September.

The operator of Kennedy's visitor complex, Delaware North, is footing the bill for the $100 million Atlantis exhibit.

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