St. Cloud man accused of exposing himself to girl

Man tells police he did nothing wrong, walks to car every morning in boxers

ST. CLOUD, Fla. - A St. Cloud man has been arrested for exposing himself to a young girl in his front yard.

According to police, Luis Rodriguez-Cordova, 37, was outside in his boxers, as a girl was passing his house, riding her bike to school.

The girl told police she saw his private parts, but he did nothing to try to cover himself up.

"It's concerning to me. They run across the street, they play in the neighbors' yards," said Anne Sandoval, who is not letting her granddaughters walk home from school anymore.

Rodriguez-Cordova told police he didn't do anything wrong, that he walks to his car every morning in his boxers and his private parts may have fallen out.

"I can't say anything negative about him, honestly I can't," said Mayra Martinez, who lives next door. "I was one day doing the lawn and he helped. He was very nice."

Police said they are investigating a possible similar incident, where Rodriguez-Cordova allegedly exposed himself to a girl passing his home.

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