'Stand your ground' lawmaker wants Florida teachers to carry guns

Rep. Dennis Baxley says move would make schools safer

OCALA, Fla. - The state representative who sponsored the bill that became Florida's "stand your ground" law believes the state should end its ban on guns in schools.

Responding to the Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting that left 20 children dead, Rep. Dennis Baxley said Monday that schools would be safer if principals and teachers were authorized to carry guns.

"We do need the answer the question that the President has asked us, how can our children be safer," Baxley told Local 6. "And I do think that will be ultimately a policy discussion."

Baxley said that declaring schools to be gun-free zones makes them targets for deranged people who know they can't be stopped because guns aren't allowed in schools.

"I do think the observation that in our zealous and intent efforts to try and keep children safe with gun free zones, we have inadvertently created a sterile target for deranged activity," Baxley said.

The Ocala Republican said schools need to be in a position of meeting force with force when events like that happen.

The state's largest teacher's union said it isn't in favor of allowing anyone to have guns in schools.

Meanwhile, Sen. Marco Rubio released a statement saying he is open to measures that would "keep guns out of the hands of the criminals and mentally ill."

Rubio continues that he "remains a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the right to safely and responsibly bear arms."

Representatives for Sen. Bill Nelson said that Nelson is a "hunter and supporter of the Second Amendment, but he's voted to ban weapons like AK-47s because he believes they're meant for killing, not for hunting."

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