Stay-at-home mom workload equals $113,568 in income

Mothers work an average of 94 hours per week

By Ashleigh Coran - Executive Producer
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It's too bad there is no such thing as a "mom salary" because the paycheck would be a big one.

According to, a stay-at-home mom juggles an average of 94 hours of work each week and would hypothetically collect a whopping $113,586 a year.

The site breaks down the multiple tasks moms typically perform on a daily basis including janitor work, cooking, and even operating a computer. For example, the stay-at-home mom cooks an average of a 14 hours a week, and the site put that service at $13.56 an hour.

While some people would say a mother's worth is priceless, it seems their workload is ever-increasing. Back in 2012, a stay-at-home mom salary was $112,962.

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