Still no answers, peace for Marlon Brown's family

Family speaks at community meeting

DELAND, Fla. - Marlon Brown was run over and killed by a DeLand police officer who was driving his patrol car in May.

That officer has since been fired, but his ex-wife Krystal Brown says it's not enough.

"That's just a stitch in the wound, definitely not enough, we're looking for more," Brown said.

Brown blames her ex-husband's death not just on the officer who ran him over, but also the officer's superiors.

"With him being a rookie cop, if there was any lack of training, anything that was maybe neglected on part of maybe the upper officials," said Brown.

Officer James Harris, the one behind the wheel of the patrol car, was fired from the DeLand Police Department three weeks ago.

Members of the community held a meeting Saturday night at the Noble Watts Amphitheater in DeLand and asked questions like why did Officer Harris drive off the road to chase Brown, who was running from police through a garden in an empty lot behind 901 S. Delaware Avenue.

When troopers finish their investigation, they will decide if Harris will face charges for Brown's death.

"If someone has to be arrested, or if no charges need to be brought, that evidence will either support or contradict so that's all we're doing, is waiting for the evidence," said Vernon Burton, who spoke at the meeting.

Evidence, like dashcam video from Harris' patrol car, if it exists, Brown's autopsy report, the officers' sworn statements, and radio transmissions, that will all be made public once that investigation is complete.

Brown's 13-year-old daughter, Armani, said the community's support is giving her strength.

"It makes me thankful, real thankful," Armani said.

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